“Cast your burden on the LORD, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.”

{Psalm 55:22 NKJV}

Many years ago, my father worked for the Wurlitzer Piano Company. While he was there, he built a piano for me. My piano has traveled to many places…it’s badly out of tune (although it sounds great to me) It has nicks and scratches…some of the veneer has been broken off…several of the keys will only work if I repeatedly hit them…but it’s my piano and I love it. It’s not just my piano…it’s the piano that my father made for me.

Well…with this most recent move, something happened to the piano…which made it unplayable for me. I’m a “sustain pedal” person and when I discovered that the sustain pedal was not working, I panicked! I needed that sustain pedal in order to play!

Fortunately, I now live with my father. I ran to him and told him the sad story of the sustain pedal and asked him if he could fix it. “No, problem,” he said. Now, it’s been decades since he’s worked at the piano factory, but he still had a clear memory of how it was put together and a good idea of how it might be fixed. So we went to work on it…

We opened the lid and looked inside to see if something had fallen where it wasn’t supposed to be…nothing. We took off the bottom board, to see if everything was still connected how it was supposed to be…it was. He was puzzled…I was puzzled…what to do…what to do?


There was no other choice but to take the piano completely apart…it was the only way to get to the part that was seemingly the problem…so we did. We took off the this board and that board…then we took off all 88 keys (no easy task)…then we pulled out the hammer assembly (again, no easy task).

We examined the linkage to the sustain pedal…all was well. We examined the lever that moved the sustain pedal…looked good. There didn’t seem to be a problem that needed to be fixed, so we started putting it back together.


Back goes the hammer assembly…much easier than taking it out!

Attach the pedal assembly…that took some figuring out…which rod went to which lever!

Back go all 88 keys…a lot harder than taking them out!


Let’s test it before we put the rest back…

I pressed the pedal and played a beautiful C chord…and………..nothin…the same flat sound that instigated the whole process to begin with.

Now what??? I have to have my sustain pedal!!!!!

By this time I’m desperate! I had music to practice and I just couldn’t do it without the sustain pedal. So…I get down on the floor…get the flashlight…and examine every part of the piano again…jiggling this and that to make sure it’s secure…poking my finger in this place and that place…feeling for something that is jamming the pedal’s function…all is well.

Finally, I thought there might be something under that pedal that was hindering it from going down all the way. So, I feel under the pedal…nothing. I push the pedal down, with my hand, and it hits the floor….AH HA!!! There was something hindering it….the FLOOR!

Then I remembered that, during the move, both front wheels had fallen off and I hadn’t put them back on yet. Because the wheels weren’t supporting the front of the piano, it was not level and the sustain pedal couldn’t move like it should. I put the wheels back in place…then…pressed the pedal and played a beautiful C chord…and……..

Well…you can guess. 🙂


Sometimes our lives seem to be flat. Something’s not working right, we aren’t being sustained because the pedal isn’t working. We search for the solution, even to the point of tearing our whole lives apart.

And then we remember the missing part…that part that makes our lives balanced…level…we remember that without GOD it just doesn’t work right. Sure, life can work, but it’s not pleasant…it doesn’t sound right. HE must be the most important part of life in order for it to work right…in order for it to be beautiful.

Who knew that two little wheels could keep the piano from working properly? I know now! And I also know that without GOD, I cannot be sustained.

Are you letting HIM sustain you?

Gaining strength though our fellowship…   

“That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.”

{1 John 1:3 KJV}


3 thoughts on “Sustaining…

  1. I know a little bit about God’s ability to sustain us–finally after 19 1/2 years in a not-great living situation, He has given me the gift of hope that I’ll be moving to a much nicer environment within the next 2 years. Am I excited?? I can’t stop thanking/praising Him…and dancing for Joy!!


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