Have you ever wondered?

I wonder all the time. I wonder why people sit and watch TV all night long instead of talking to each other. I wonder why a man can watch three hours of baseball and stay wide awake, but get him into a church pew for 15 minutes and he’s sound asleep. I wonder about nature and wild things that creep and bounce around my back yard. I wonder why people can’t just be nice. Yeah…I wonder about a lot of things.

This blog will, hopefully, answer some of the questions you wonder about. And I hope to answer those questions by giving you my take on what the Bible says about things you wonder about. OR maybe this blog will inspire you to wonder. Wondering about how the Bible is still real for you and I today. Have you ever wondered about that? How can a book, with words that were written thousands of years ago, still be real for me today?

This blog is also a place for fellowship. Let’s discuss things!! I may be presenting things in a different way than you see them and that’s what will makes our fellowship interesting. We don’t always have to be on the same page. Each of our interpretations are thought provoking and that is what God wants, right? For us to be thinking about Him? To be discussing Him with each other? MY “fellowship friend” told me,

“Fellowship leads to explanation and an expanded understanding, versus the single view of an individual.”

Are you wondering about God? About the Bible?  Let’s hash it out together. If we can fellowship, then we are doing good 🙂

You will notice that my writing style is very personal. Everything I write to you, I am also writing to myself. I am still wondering and learning. Each time I open the Bible, it seems a new thought about a passage occurs to me. You will also see that everything I share with you, I try to relate to what is happening in the world today. Scripture never goes out of date…It Is Still Real and I would like to share AND discuss the thoughts that God gives me about His Word.

Just heeding the Call…His Emissary

7 thoughts on “I Wonder…

  1. Hello Emissary. I see you’ve visited my blog a few times and thought I’d return the visit.

    As to wondering, I wonder what your name is and what part of the world you live in. Norway? Hong Kong? Alaska. Could you give your readers a vague idea? Your About page has no place for comments, so I thought this, your first post, would be a suitable place for such questions.

    I wonder if you’re the photographer who’s taken all these lovely pictures. And I wonder if your blog would be more user-friendly if you’d install a ‘Recent Posts’ widget so we could see the headings of your latest posts. That’s usually my first advice to new bloggers but I see you’ve been at this for quite awhile now, so maybe have tried it and not been satisfied?


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